Are you aware of how the people around you are feeling most of the time? Not many people are.

My platform is to raise awareness for mental health and mental illness. There are so many mental illness’ out there that you literally never know when someone may be suffering from one.
The reason I chose this as my platform is because I know how those suffering feel and I know the effect that mental illness can have on someone. Hearing about the effects and people harming themselves and even committing suicide is so sad and makes me very upset.
I have had a number of friends who thought nothing of themselves because of something that is going on in their head. I tried helping them as much as I could but there’s only an extent you could go to. When you have a mental illness, it seriously consumes you and you can barely think about anything else but the mental illness. My platform means a lot to me because no one should feel that way, it is an awful feeling and it will destroy you.
As Miss Teenage Canada, I would speak about my platform as much as I could to a crowd, especially young kids and young teenagers. I would tell everyone that you don’t have to suffer in silence. Speak up about how you’re feeling and find the proper help that you deserve.


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