To me, this is my personal favorite place in my region. It is a beautiful island that is a well known resort in Manitoba. Hecla Island could be described as its own piece of  paradise. Commonly known as a place for families to get away, Hecla has many historical features such as old fashioned stores, and buildings that can take you back in time. I love going there to spend time at the Lakeview resort with my family. I have been visiting Hecla my whole life so it is a place that I hold close to my heart. I have made many memories in Hecla whether it was fishing with my dad, at the spa with my mom and sister, or sitting around a campfire with my family and friends. There are very few people in my region that can’t describe a memory they have made on lakeview-hecla-resorthecla this island. Tourists from all over Canada come to Hecla every year for a great experience. 

Hecla is known as an Icelandic community, which interests me because I have Icelandic heritage and I love to learn about the culture of ancestors.

Hecla offers various activities for all seasons of the year. In the summer it is common that people will camp, fish, golf,  or go to the beach . A recommendation of mine would be to visit Hecla bar, it is a big beach that can only be accessed by boat. It is so fun to go and spend the day there with family or friends, pack a picnic and soak up the sun! In the winter, people will go sledding down the big hills, ice fishing, or skiing. Whatever you feel like doing for entertainment Hecla has it! If you love the outdoors you can camp at their wonderful campground that is full of people all summer long, if you are a person that likes to be inside and have a well serviced get away, the Lakeview resort has it all, a beautiful spa and great food as well.

This place not only has given me a fun experience, but memories I will treasure for a lifetime!


Written by: Brittney
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